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^^ Craft Information - Orbital Period Adjusted ^^

The second launch attempt saw ComSat Mun III in orbit around Mun to complete the Munar Relay Network - although thanks to the meager power capacity of ComSat Mun I the network is currently restricted to a bare-minimum orbital height. The transfer stage for this craft witnessed an impact of the ComSat Mun II transfer stage in an attempt to collect ejecta. The craft now operates up around 1,150km

The gap between this satellite and ComSat Mun II has grown large enough to bring them outside of 2.5Mm omni antenna range. However there are no active missions around Mun that rely on them being in constant contact and the gap is easily bridged by Munar Orbiter III's elliptical trajectory, so controllers have only made a small adjustment to the craft's orbital period to gradually bring it back within range of ComSat Mun II on 12/10. While the satellites could be brought back into range much sooner, without dire need for them to be in contact the gradual approach saves fuel - controllers only expended 0.01 units of monopropellant to adjust the craft's orbital period.

Launched: 9/12/14 @ 14:00:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: 0.220km/s
Periapsis: 1,148.030km
Apoapsis: 1,148.713km
Eccentricity: 0.000253
Inclination: 0.017°
Orbital Period: 38,545.67s
Last Update: 11/20/15 @ 19:51 UTC
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Inactive Vessels*

  1. Debris
    1. ComSat Minmus II Transfer Stage
    2. Kerbin DeOrbiter 2nd Stage
    3. IP ComSat I Transfer Stage
  2. Probe
    1. Eeloo I
    2. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #2
    3. Docking Test Probe
    4. Mun II
    5. IP ComSat I
    6. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #1
    7. IP ComSat II
    8. Kerbal I
    9. Kerbal II
    10. Kerbin I
    11. Kerbin II
    12. Kerbin III
    13. Kerbin IV
    14. Kerbin V(a)
    15. Kerbin V(b)
    16. Kerbin V(c)
    17. Kerbin V(d)
    18. LKO ComSat III
    19. Docking Test Probe
    20. Sounding Rocket MkII
  3. Rover
    1. Lupek Testbed (Drives 1 & 2)
    2. Lupek Testbed (Drive 3)
    3. Lupek (Drive 1)
    4. Lupek (Drive 2)
    5. Lupek (Drive 3)
  4. Ship
    1. Mun III
    2. Mun I
    3. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Wehrtop)
    4. Kerbal III (#1)
    5. Kerbal III (#2)
    6. Kerbal III (#3)
    7. Kerbin V
    8. Kerbin VI
    9. Kerbin DeOrbiter I
    10. Kerbin DeOrbiter II
    11. Kerbin DeOrbiter III
    12. ComSat Service Vehicle
    13. Kerbin VII
    14. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Desson)
  5. Asteroid
    1. LLH-725 (Class-D)
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