Mi-SCAN Lift Stage (Archive) 

^^ Craft Information - Initial Orbital Data ^^

Due to a design oversight, the combined booster and lifter Δv comes out to 3.756km/s, which is 306m/s more than is needed for insertion into 75km LKO. Because we want the lift stage to de-orbit the decision was made to manually stage just prior to positive perikee during the orbital insertion burn. When staged, the engines are supposed to cut but that mechanism failed for some reason and the 3 main engines continued to push against the craft. The loss of firm connection between the stages caused a shift in mass balance that began to torque the craft around radially until the engines flamed out and the stage could finally be left behind under power of the transfer engine. It now resides in a stable orbit and will not be returning without a mission to go up and knock it down

Created: 4/27/15 @ 20:05:10 UTC
Avg Velocity: 2.090km/s
Periapsis: 72.025km
Apoapsis: 415.374km
Eccentricity: 0.203478
Inclination: 8.534°
Orbital Period: 2,591.05s
Resources: None
Last Update: 4/27/15 @ 20:21 UTC
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Inactive Vessels*

  1. Debris
    1. ComSat Minmus II Transfer Stage
    2. Kerbin DeOrbiter 2nd Stage
    3. IP ComSat I Transfer Stage
  2. Probe
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    2. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #2
    3. Docking Test Probe
    4. Mun II
    5. IP ComSat I
    6. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #1
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    14. Kerbin V(a)
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    16. Kerbin V(c)
    17. Kerbin V(d)
    18. LKO ComSat III
    19. Docking Test Probe
    20. Sounding Rocket MkII
  3. Rover
    1. Lupek Testbed (Drives 1 & 2)
    2. Lupek Testbed (Drive 3)
    3. Lupek (Drive 1)
    4. Lupek (Drive 2)
    5. Lupek (Drive 3)
  4. Ship
    1. Mun III
    2. Mun I
    3. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Wehrtop)
    4. Kerbal III (#1)
    5. Kerbal III (#2)
    6. Kerbal III (#3)
    7. Kerbin V
    8. Kerbin VI
    9. Kerbin DeOrbiter I
    10. Kerbin DeOrbiter II
    11. Kerbin DeOrbiter III
    12. ComSat Service Vehicle
    13. Kerbin VII
    14. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Desson)
  5. Asteroid
    1. LLH-725 (Class-D)
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