Mun II Lift Stage (Archive) 

^^ Craft Information - Initial Report ^^

The lift stage of Mun II was meant to be largely destroyed via atmospheric re-entry after detaching from the transfer stage during orbital insertion burn. However thanks to improper fairing supports a large oscillation during ascent forced Mission Control to throttle back until well past MaxQ, and the altered ascent profile made the lift stage burn out slightly later than planned. It remains in a stable orbit and could be used in the future for a rendezvous training mission.

Created: 12/21/14 @ 14:06:40 UTC
Avg Velocity: 2.265km/s
Periapsis: 77.190km
Apoapsis: 100.081km
Eccentricity: 0.016620
Inclination: 0.780°
Orbital Period: 1,910.64s
Last Update: 12/22/14 @ 16:38 UTC
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