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Jun 03 2014

#022: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

After failing to rendezvous and de-orbit the derelict Kerbin III spacecraft, Capt Bob has launched once again into space to attempt another close-encounter. This mission sets up a less-direct approach to the target to hopefully make things easier, and also tests out a new lift rocket configuration.

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May 26 2014

#021: No Rendezvous For You

After the treachery of Capt Bill, Capt Bob gets to finally go into space. His mission is to rendezvous with the Kerbin III spacecraft that was previously stranded in orbit so that he can perform a fuel transfer and de-orbit the defunct vehicle.

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May 23 2014

#020: Radial Chute Testing

With the successful placement of ComSat III, the other two ComSats require servicing. Before sending another kerbal into space, the engineering team wants to test a re-designed radial chute – the type of chute that failed on re-entry and killed Cmdr Jeb. If successful, this will open more design options for future kerbed missions.

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Apr 28 2014

#015: The Rogue Flight of Kerbin VI

Captain Bob, originally slated to command the second kerbed orbital mission aboard Kerbin VI, has fallen mysteriously ill and Captain Bill is commanding in his stead. However, it soon becomes clear that Bill has his own agenda…

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Apr 19 2014

#013: Testing 1…2…3…

After repeated failures and with engineer still unable to determine the root cause of the problem the radial chutes have been sent back to the R&D labs and now the focus is on ensuring the nose cone chute can survive re-entry as configured for a kerbed mission. Capt Bill is granted manual remote control of the flight and all goes well until orbit…

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Apr 18 2014

#012: Testing 1…2…

Based on data from the last test flight, engineers think that they have discovered a defect in the way chutes arm prior to re-entry. To test this the second mission will arm the chutes only after entering the lower atmosphere – if they survive.

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Mar 05 2014

#005: Chimps are for Wimps (Flight 3)

The third and final flight of Kerbal III aimed to push higher than ever to confirm engineer’s theories on rocket design so they could begin working on the first orbital rocket. Captain Bob was at the controls for this flight and was able to make good use of the experience Jeb and Bill could pass on to him based on their own previous flights.

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