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^^ Craft Information - Orbital Update & First Light ^^

Tired of relying on ground-based telescopes having to peer through Kerbin's atmosphere, the KSA, in partnership with DMagic and the Kerbin Astronomical Society, is placing the first telescope into orbit. Although the mirror diameter is only a mere 0.65m at this time we're not looking to see further than ground-based scopes, but clearer. This is also a small-scale test to ensure that the optics and other components of the telescope can survive the harshness of space as designed before bigger mirrors and instruments are built. The KST will orbit at an altitude between 245 and 255km.

The KST is now placed into the orbit from which it will take its initial observations within the next 2 weeks. The orbit was chosen to provide a good distance from Kerbin for science collection while still remaining close and serviceable. Being equatorial means the KST will be able to take advantage of annular eclipses to look at areas of space near Kerbol. If needed, we have enough fuel to reach a 1,003km+ orbit, from which the eclipse of Kerbol by Mun will be total.

Orbital data has been updated to account for a 4-month operational gap as the KSA was shutdown due to government audit. In addition, guidance issues have been worked around - although the main torque wheel still seems to want to over-compensate for rotational drift, the secondary torque wheel can properly re-stabilize the craft after it has been oriented. The main torque wheel can then be activated while the craft is stable to ensure it is locked in place. The iris has been opened and the telescope is ready for imaging

Launched: 5/6/15 @ 21:17:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: 2.037km/s
Periapsis: 236.829km
Apoapsis: 266.105km
Eccentricity: 0.017191
Inclination: 0.559°
Orbital Period: 2,626.91s
Last Update: 9/10/15 @ 17:13 UTC
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