LLH-725 (Class D) (Archive) 

^^ Craft Information - Atmospheric Breakup ^^

This asteroid was discovered by the Asteroid Tracking Network and is confirmed to be on an intercept course with Kerbin. It is a rather large asteroid - Class D rocks can weigh anywhere from 190.6 ~ 854 tons and astronomers are estimating that this rock tips the scales towards the larger end. Depending on its make-up it could come crashing into the surface of Kerbin or break up and rain down many small and still highly-dangerous meteorites.

There are currently no options available for us to intercept or deflect this asteroid. The United Kerbin government is putting all efforts into making sure that the suspected impact area is clear of inhabitants, thankfully it is already a sparsely-populated area of Kerbin.

The asteroid turned out to be a loose body, and did not survive very long during initial entry into our atmosphere. It exploded and fragmented high up, raining down meters-large chunks over a much wider area than anticipated. Fortunately, while damage was severe on the ground, the effects of the impacts were very localized. Cleanup will take months but the planet as a whole will recover in time.

Discovered: 3/6/15 @ 15:05:58 UTC
Avg Velocity: N/A
Periapsis: N/A
Apoapsis: N/A
Eccentricity: N/A
Inclination: N/A
Orbital Period: N/A
Resources: None
Last Update: 3/27/15 @ 12:12 UTC
 Mission Concluded  
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