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^^ Craft Information - Capsule Return & Recovery ^^

After an accidental staging event separated their capsule from the transfer stage, the astronauts aboard Mun III have been waiting in orbit to be rescued, as they could not perform any maneuvers while linked back to the stage via resource pipe. Thankfully, the KSA had a stockpile of craft sitting in the VAB from which they were able to peice together a spacecraft not only capable of reaching the astronauts and returning them safely home, but also allowing them to complete their original mission.

Contact was made with the capsule as it descended under two good chutes, much to the relief of the teams here at KSC. Recovery has been delayed as the capsule came down roughly 205km short of our intended landing zone, but still within the landing corridor we had cleared for arrival. We are very happy to have our astronauts home safe and sound and begin to analyze the data they brought back, as well as them for the effects of their longer-than-planned stay in space

We have adjusted the launch date for this entry to match that of the original Mun III craft launch for an accurate final MET

Launched: 2/19/15 @ 14:30:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: N/A
Periapsis: N/A
Apoapsis: N/A
Eccentricity: N/A
Inclination: N/A
Orbital Period: N/A
Last Update: 3/6/15 @ 21:06 UTC
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