Sounding Rocket MkII (Archive) 

^^ Craft Information - Recovery Successful ^^

With parts from Umbra Space Industries, Captain Desson has been assembling sub-orbital sounding rockets to launch from KSC. Not only do these rockets provide for small, cheap test cases for rocket technology, they can carry aloft science payloads and offer a lower entry barrier for universities and large hobby groups interested in getting involved with rocketeering.

This is the 7th launch of his first two-stage rocket design - none of the previous launches have succeeded. It took him 6 tries to successully recover a payload from his earlier single-stage rocket design but seven tries to recover a payload intact also containing scientific data. Desson has had a better recovery rate with this rocket thanks to an abort system but has still not had a complete flight through the second stage burn.

We have recovered the payload and confirmed that its science data is intact! Congratulations to Captain Desson and the launch setup crew for a job well done. KSA scientists are already preparing new payloads for Desson's rocket to loft.

Launched: 11/19/15 @ 17:45:00 UTC
Last Update: 11/19/15 @ 17:58 UTC
 Mission Concluded  
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  1. Debris
    1. ComSat Minmus II Transfer Stage
    2. Kerbin DeOrbiter 2nd Stage
    3. IP ComSat I Transfer Stage
  2. Probe
    1. Eeloo I
    2. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #2
    3. Docking Test Probe
    4. Mun II
    5. IP ComSat I
    6. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #1
    7. IP ComSat II
    8. Kerbal I
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    10. Kerbin I
    11. Kerbin II
    12. Kerbin III
    13. Kerbin IV
    14. Kerbin V(a)
    15. Kerbin V(b)
    16. Kerbin V(c)
    17. Kerbin V(d)
    18. LKO ComSat III
    19. Docking Test Probe
    20. Sounding Rocket MkII
  3. Rover
    1. Lupek Testbed (Drives 1 & 2)
    2. Lupek Testbed (Drive 3)
    3. Lupek (Drive 1)
    4. Lupek (Drive 2)
    5. Lupek (Drive 3)
  4. Ship
    1. Mun III
    2. Mun I
    3. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Wehrtop)
    4. Kerbal III (#1)
    5. Kerbal III (#2)
    6. Kerbal III (#3)
    7. Kerbin V
    8. Kerbin VI
    9. Kerbin DeOrbiter I
    10. Kerbin DeOrbiter II
    11. Kerbin DeOrbiter III
    12. ComSat Service Vehicle
    13. Kerbin VII
    14. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Desson)
  5. Asteroid
    1. LLH-725 (Class-D)
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