LKO ComSat III (Archive) 

^^ Craft Information - Orbital Adjustments 9/3/15 ^^

The final satellite in the LKO constellation was launched and placed into orbit with relative ease compared to the first two - although it should be noted this was the second launch attempt. Unfortunately the network was not fully operational at that time as the two previous satellites still required a visit from an astronaut for some repairs/upgrades. The repairs were successful and the LKO ComSat network has since operated flawlessly.

After a 4-month operational gap as the KSA was shutdown due to government audit, drift among the LKO ComSats required ComSat III be re-positioned to bring all back into constant line of sight

Launched: 5/16/14 @ 14:36:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: 1.600km/s
Periapsis: 768.191km
Apoapsis: 790.418km
Eccentricity: 0.008057
Inclination: 0.177°
Orbital Period: 5,416.07s
Last Update: 9/3/15 @ 21:59 UTC
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