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Originally launched as K-SCAN, this satellite tested orbital mapping and scanning instruments. Once tests were complete, it was handed over to the Kerbin Meteorological Society so they could use its camera to observe weather patterns from space and re-dubbed Kerbin Weather Observer. It also functions as another link in the LKO Omni Network.

its orbital data has been updated to account for a 4-month operational gap as the KSA was shutdown due to government audit

Launched: 9/25/14 @ 21:00:01 UTC
Avg Velocity: 1.806km/s
Periapsis: 481.947km
Apoapsis: 483.700km
Eccentricity: 0.000810
Inclination: 80.053°
Orbital Period: 3,767.30s
Last Update: 9/2/15 @ 22:22 UTC
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