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Videos produced by the KSA showing launches, mission coverage and more

Apr 24 2015

Kerbin Satellites – 4/24/15

It’s been a few months since we last took a look at what’s in orbit around Kerbin. Here is a video of the various objects along their orbital paths, sped up 300x normal speed.

Apr 12 2015

Small Scale Rocket Launch

Captain Desson has taken up small-scale rocketry. This is his second launch and Commander Bob is behind the camera. First launch ended up in the water and now the plan is to aim north – rocket is weighted to gradually turn over as it rises

You can read more about Desson’s rocket adventures here.

Apr 08 2015

ComSat Minmus III Launch Highlights

Various camera views of the lift off and initial ascent only for the third communications satellite bound for orbit around Minmus

Mar 27 2015

ComSat Minmus II Launch Highlights

Various cameras both on and off the spacecraft capture various major stages of the launch and ascent into orbit, including the launch itself, booster separation, fairing separation, and lift stage separation during the orbital insertion burn. All times given in this video (unlike previous launch highlight videos) are when the clip starts, not when the event occurs

Mar 16 2015

Eeloo I Launch Highlights

Although it ultimately failed to achieve orbit, we still got a bit of footage from our largest ever rocket taking off and ascending

Mar 11 2015

Munar Satellites – 3/11/15

A look at a day around Mun for our satellites currently in orbit there. Movement starts at 22:33:45 UTC on 3/10 and continues for 24 hours, sped up roughly 850x normal speed. For more information about satellites around Mun, see our Flight Tracker.

Green orbits = Comm Sats
Orange orbits = Science Sats

Mar 04 2015

Mun III Rescue Launch/Transfer Highlights

Onboard and offboard cameras capture the major events of the spacecraft as it ascends to orbit and burns for Mun

Mar 02 2015

Asteroid Tracking Network – Feb 2015 Report

Unfortunately we only have a static object video again this month to share, we hope to show orbital movement next month. The total asteroid count is now 574 known objects

Feb 20 2015

Mun III Launch Highlights

The second-attempt to send 2 kerbals into orbit around Mun has so far been a success, and it all began with the launch into low-kerbin orbit. Here are some highlights from the launch and ascent. You can find out more about the current and past state of the craft (including ascent data) via the Flight Tracker.

Feb 17 2015

Kerbin Rise from Mun

Munar Orbiter III coming around the day side of Mun watches the horizon for Kerbin to rise. Wait for it. Waaaait for it….

Music credits go to Sam Hulick – “I Was Lost Without You” (Mass Effect 3 OST Extended Cut)

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