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Mar 02 2015

Asteroid Tracking Network – Feb 2015 Report

Unfortunately we only have a static object video again this month to share, we hope to show orbital movement next month. The total asteroid count is now 574 known objects

Jan 30 2015

Asteroid Tracking Network – Initial Report (1/30/15)

This first video from the ATN shows the location of all 488 currently tracked asteroids and explains the categorization system in use. Each month the ATN will release a new video not only showing the asteroids in motion but new asteroids as they are discovered throughout the month.

The Asteroid Tracking Network is a group of observatories around Kerbin who are partially/fully dedicated to finding and tracking asteroids in the Kerbol system, with the ultimate goal of spotting dangerous asteroids that could pose a threat to Kerbin. It is organized and managed by astronomer Edlu Kerman.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Sep 16 2014

#029: Munar Relay Network Completion

The KSA finally recovered enough from the atmospheric asteroid explosion just over 150km west of the KSC at the end of August to complete assembly of the third Munar comsat and launch it on its mission to complete the Munar relay network. The previous attempt had ended in failure due to wrongly-tuned boosters, but Lead Engineer Simon personally oversaw the final stages of the rocket construction to ensure booster thrust was set properly. In addition to completing the communications network around Mun, once separated the transfer stage would perform a fly-through of the impact cloud kicked up when the previous Mun comsat transfer stage, still in orbit, slams into the Munar surface. Lead Scientist Wernher Von Kerman had devised a new dust collector experiment for this purpose, although the collectors are also capable of collecting interstellar particles. Finally, there was a chance to arrange a very close (1.3km) fly-by of a passing asteroid in the hopes of photographing it prior to the launch of ComSat Mun III.

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