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Apr 24 2015

Kerbin Satellites – 4/24/15

It’s been a few months since we last took a look at what’s in orbit around Kerbin. Here is a video of the various objects along their orbital paths, sped up 300x normal speed.

Nov 30 2014

Kerbin Satellites – 11/30/14

The video begins with all satellites in Kerbin orbit positioned as of 12:01:29 UTC on 11/30/14 and advances 13.5 hours at a rate of 500x normal speed. Kerbin’s rotational axis position is not proper, but all satellite positions are accurate.

Red – Debris/Nonoperational satellites
Orange – Operational satellites
Green – Communication satellites

We apologize for the motion blur and will have to capture data at a higher frame rate next time.

Oct 19 2014

Kerbin Satellites – 10/19/14

A short look at the paths and motions of satellites currently in orbit around Kerbin, sped up 100x normal speed. The rotational position of Kerbin is not accurate.

Green = Communication satellite
Orange = Operating satellite
Red = Orbital debris

Download the ubox file

May 17 2014

#019: ComSat III Placement

After the previously failed launch, a new ComSat III is sent up into orbit to complete the initial phase of the LKO communications network.

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May 10 2014

#018: Friction: 1, KSA: 0

The third of three communications satellites launches and KSA engineers are positive that everything is good to go for a perfect mission – but of course no mission is perfect and neither is this one.

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