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Nov 07 2014

#042: 2.5m Engine/Mk1-2 Recovery Trials

With the upgrades to the VAB complete, the KSA now has the ability to construct larger 2.5m craft in addition to any 1.25m rockets already under construction. Before they can launch their first 2.5m rocket, there are two new engines to test. The main lifter cluster is actually using the Bearcat engine that has been the lifter engine of choice for the KSA mostly since day one. However it has only before been clustered in pairs. A new orbital engine to replace the 1.25m RMA-3 workhorse is also in need of testing. Once the tests have proven successful, the teams can assemble a 2.5m test vehicle to put the new Mk1-2 capsule through an unkerbed orbital mission to ensure it can return safely.

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Oct 13 2014

#033: Mk1-2 Capsule Recovery Trials

The recently-unveiled Mk1-2 capsule has spent its first few weeks undergoing recovery trials to ensure that it can safely return astronauts to the ground/water after passing through re-entry. Three tests were designed to put the Mk1-2 systems through their paces as well as test automated functions that will be used for its first orbital flight, which will be unkerbed.

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