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Jun 20 2014

Mk1 Lawn Dart – Entry #2

The Aerospace Group was able to put together a new Lawn Dart for a second test flight, this time the goal was to achieve flight from a horizontal take off using the runway. There was some debate about the aerodynamic efficiency in using trusses for the main gear, and at one point the team planned to have them jettison shortly after take off and just use the recovery chutes to land. Ultimately it was determined the drag would be negligible for this test flight and the final prototype was handed over to their second test pilot, Flight Officer Jermal Kerman, to attempt flight and recovery – via the landing gear if possible.

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Jun 17 2014

Mk1 Lawn Dart – Entry #1

After the Aerospace Group was formed on April 30th, 2014, it immediately began working on a rocket-propelled aircraft prototype. Jet and propeller aircraft were already well-understood and well-used among kerbal society but to strap a rocket to wings and have it fly through the atmosphere? That was something new. First though, they had to spend the next month researching various other things besides rockets, such as the cockpit capsule that could withstand the demands of rocket flight and an ejection system that wouldn’t kill the pilot. They also had to recruit some brave test pilots and choose Kirk and Jermal Kerman, two of the most respected military jet pilots in the service. Finally, in the beginning of June they were ready for the first test flight.

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