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Dec 17 2014

#050: Mun I – Mun or… bust?

Ever since the historic first orbit of Kerbin by Cmdr Jebediah Kerman, kerbals have only ever repeatedly visited Low-Kerbin Orbit (LKO), with some forays out to Mid-Kerbin Orbit (MKO). The KSA has been planning for months to send a kerbal into orbit around Mun, but only now has the chance come to do so after many tests of new technologies, including a whole new 2.5m rocket system. The mission is planned to also service the various satellites that are in orbit around Mun to further expand the Agency’s scientific knowledge and long-range communication capabilities. On the cusp of yet another historic moment, the KSA aims to meet and surmount the inevitable challenges ahead.

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Dec 13 2014

Mun I Launch Abort

Our recent launch to place kerbals in orbit around Mun was forced to abort during ascent. After booster separation main engine throttle up did not occur and the rocket began to succumb to lateral air flow and tip over backwards. Afraid of a possible structural failure that would break up the entire rocket, Commander Bob triggered the LES while almost perpendicular to the craft’s velocity vector and the capsule was spun violently, producing several seconds of 6-8Gs. Both Cmdr Bob and Capt Desson were recovered from the Kerblantic without injuries. The cause of the engine failure will be under investigation