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Feb 20 2015

Mun III Launch Highlights

The second-attempt to send 2 kerbals into orbit around Mun has so far been a success, and it all began with the launch into low-kerbin orbit. Here are some highlights from the launch and ascent. You can find out more about the current and past state of the craft (including ascent data) via the Flight Tracker.

Feb 05 2015

Mun III Mission Preview

Commander Bob and Captain Desson will be flying aboard Mun III, which is a re-attempt of the Mun I mission that ended in a failed ascent back in December of 2014. Their mission will be the first kerbals to orbit Mun and return, while doing so they will service 4 satellites currently in orbit around Mun. See how it will be done during this 3-day mission that will be the longest and furthest ever flown by the kerbals in space.

Music by Kevin MacLeod