Mi-SCAN Transfer Stage (Archive) 

^^ Craft Information - Initial Orbital Data ^^

This was the transfer stage that brought Mi-SCAN over from Kerbin. It still has a good deal amount of fuel remaning in it because of an oversight that allowed for too much fuel in the lift stage during ascent. It has no probe core so cannot be activated for use as a future impactor, but a probe could be added at a later date by a kerbed mission and/or its fuel could be siphoned off if needed. Until then, it remains in a high orbit over Minmus.

Created: 5/4/15 @ 13:12:37 UTC
Avg Velocity: 0.046km/s
Periapsis: 774.914km
Apoapsis: 794.714km
Eccentricity: 0.011719
Inclination: 45.367°
Orbital Period: 116,104.90s
Last Update: 5/4/15 @ 13:29 UTC
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