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This craft was originally part of KWO-1, which in turn was originally meant to be a communications satellite for Mun. When the craft failed to achieve a proper parking orbit to be able to transfer to Mun and complete its mission, it was left in LKO and handed over to the Kerbin Meteorological Society for study of weather patterns from space. Recently, the launch of IP ComSat I has presented a problem for mission control: IP ComSat I (and IP ComSat II when launched) require a dish connection to KSC due to their extremely high elliptical orbits. However because they are over the poles a direct line of sight to Mission Control is few and far between, which means they need to bounce off our LKO ComSats. Problem is, those only have one dish, currently in use to provide 24/7 Mun coverage. IP LinkSat therefore was detached from KWO-1 to provide the link needed from both IP ComSats to the LKO ComSats and thus to Mission Control.

Orbital data has been updated to account for a 4-month operational gap as the KSA was shutdown due to government audit

Created: 11/10/14 @ 16:33:49 UTC
Avg Velocity: 1.928km/s
Periapsis: 349.862km
Apoapsis: 350.130km
Eccentricity: 0.000141
Inclination: 0.035°
Orbital Period: 3,095.83s
Last Update: 9/3/15 @ 22:24 UTC
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