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Discovered by the Asteroid Tracking Network on 9/21/14, this Class-A asteroid's course was plotted to intercept Mun's orbit at the same time Mun was in the immediate area, close enough that its gravity could have a braking effect on the asteroid's trajectory. Initial calculations showed the asteroid would be slowed enough to actually enter into orbit around Kerbin and become a new satellite. There had already been several asteroid discoveries expected to be captured by Mun, but all failed to live up to calculations, so scientists weren't too confident in their modeling. In the days leading up to the encounter better observations raised hopes once again, however. Finally in 10/5/14, after passing by Mun, astronomers confirmed that YAP-842 had indeed been captured and inserted into orbit around Kerbin!

Since first entering into orbit around Kerbin, Meeny has encountered Mun for the 2nd time and astronomers have found their earlier predictions for its orbit afterwards to be incorrect. Instead of a future Mun encounter that would bring it even closer to Kerbin, Meeny will instead skip through Minmus' SOI, which will set it on a course towards Mun and then out of the system in late 2016. Astronomers admit errors in their calculations are inevitable since they don't have a good idea of Meeny's shape and thus can't fully account for the effects of solar radiation on its surface. This also makes some astronomers skeptical the Minmus encounter will actually occur.

Captured: 10/5/14 @ 18:17:43 UTC
Avg Velocity: 0.453km/s
Periapsis: 9,213.766km
Apoapsis: 69,846.730km
Eccentricity: 0.755454
Inclination: 25.689°
Orbital Period: 849,965.10s
Resources: None
Last Update: 11/18/15 @ 15:43 UTC
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