IP ComSat II Transfer Stage (Archive) 

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This was the transfer stage that carried IP ComSat II up towards its initial placement orbit above the pole of Kerbin, there it was detached and de-orbited. However, it appears that the force of the decoupler was enough to lift it back out of the atmosphere. Initially planned for a 65km periapsis, the debris now has a periapsis roughly 500m outside of the atmosphere. It will remain in orbit, perhaps used for a new astronaut training mission like previous orbital debris.

Created: 11/28/14 @ 15:43:58 UTC
Avg Velocity: 1.910km/s
Periapsis: 70.525km
Apoapsis: 1,134.699km
Eccentricity: 0.442443
Inclination: 88.885°
Orbital Period: 4,409.43s
Last Update: 11/28/14 @ 15:44 UTC
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