Dec 26 2015

Launch Stream Testing

The issues that have plagued Chrome users when trying to watch the video during launch streaming appears to be fixed as far as I can tell from what testing I have done. Turns out Chrome only likes to load OGV videos and only when it is the only option available. I don’t know – I tried at least half a dozen other solutions I found searching around the web before stumbling across this on my own based on someone saying that Chrome wouldn’t load any video if either MP4 or Webm were present and I only had to remove one or the other. Well turns out I needed to remove both. Okay. (Non-Chrome browsers still get a pick of MP4, Webm and OGV). So with that out of the way I’m going to run two launches today – both will be exactly the same so if you catch one no need to catch another – unless you want to. I decided against using the MkIII sounding rocket because it is too close to what I will be doing once the KSA reboots. Instead I strapped two boosters on the Docking Test Probe and finally got that up into orbit 😛

Launch Times

Launch #1: 17:00:00 UTC
Launch #2: 23:00:00 UTC

The more people who can watch the better, as before there will be an optional survey you can participate in after the launch is over – please note that even if you don’t want to fill anything out, a lot of debug information is filled out automatically so just going to the form and pressing Submit helps me greatly!

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Dec 21 2015

Lifetime Survey Results

Got some great feedback from the survey, a total of 37 people participated which is actually more than I hoped for. I’m going to directly address all of the feedback here to give everyone an idea of how it will affect the new Kerbal Space Agency coming in 2016

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Dec 16 2015

The KSA is dead, long live the KSA!!

R.I.P. the Kerbal Space Agency, 2014-2015.

At least, the KSA as you all have come to know it. Yes, it is time for me to utter the word that can send shivers down the spine of anyone who has grown attached to a fictional universe – reboot. There, I said it. Run screaming from this website if you must, berate me all you want, hate me forever – or stick around and see if I can’t convince you why I think this is a good idea.

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Dec 13 2015

Fudge Notes

Ever wondered what really happened to cause certain events to take place for the KSA? Well it turns out that while a lot of things in the game were influenced by actual in-game events, many others were caused by real-life events as well. In addition, some of the videos and images posted took a lot more time to create than you might think. Also, not everything reported was what actually took place. Below you can find all my “fudge notes” – admissions and references I’ve made as I’ve played – something for me to look back on and help keep things in perspective. For a lot of these, you may not know what I’m talking about and I’m not going to take the time to pretty this up to help you figure it out, but if you’re well-versed in KSA lore you’ll recognize the stories behind a lot of situations. I’ll update this periodically.

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Nov 24 2015

Launch Survey Results

25 respondents to the post-launch survey wasn’t too bad. Okay actually it’s 21 respondents since I submitted three from my devices and one I know came from a friend who did some late beta testing. But still! Data! I’m going to address everything from the survey here.

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Nov 20 2015

KSA Launch Operations Temporarily Suspended

From the KSA Board of Directors

We were recently approached by agents of the United Kerbin Wildlife Preservation Society, who had been tracking a large flock of water fowl migrating west across the Kerblantic (in other words, towards us here at KSC). The birds arrived in our area at the end of September and appeared to be making a stopover, but to the surprise of UKWPS agents and biologists the birds stuck around. 2 weeks ago an underwater volcano erupted on the seabed 750km northwest of KSC, spewing vast amounts of heat and nutrients into the waters near a major ocean current that carried it west and down the coast. Large plankton blooms followed in its wake and have created an abundance of food for the birds, which feed off fish that feed off the plankton. Now not only have the birds eaten so much they can barely fly, it seems they have also begun their breeding season early. Nesting has already begun in earnest and reports of egg clutches will not be far behind. The birds raise their young as a family unit and rearing the chick can take 2-3 months before they are able to keep up with the parents on their long flights.

These animals are currently registered as a critically endangered species.

The Wildlife Preservation Society has requested that the Kerbal Space Agency cease all launch operations in order to allow the birds a stress-free environment in which to raise healthy chicks that will further boost the resurgence of the species thanks also in part to this bountiful yet temporary food resource. They were very distressed by the effect they observed in the animals from the launch yesterday and were dismayed when we told them that was just a small rocket. Although they need an injunction from the UK government to force us to cease launch operations, the time it would take to get one would make it pointless and any damage that could be done would have been done. They are instead requesting our cooperation in helping to preserve a species and after several hours of deliberation and consultation with our various partners and financial officials we have decided to support the Wildlife Preservation Society and temporarily suspend launch operations for the duration of the breeding season.

While we are dedicated to exploring space and furthering the reach of kerbalkind, we recognize that we are still bound to this world that must be shared with all living creatures and will not put our needs and desires ahead of other species. We look forward to being able to launch new missions again in early 2016, but in the meantime have plenty of other missions both in planning and ongoing to keep focus on.

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Oct 29 2015

Logging Data – Not as simple as it seems

For the upcoming streaming telemetry feature of the KSA Flight Tracker, not all the data I wanted to log was available via mods like VOID and Graphotron, so I had to turn to KOS to get the rest of it. I wanted to log new data every second, but my original method produced inaccurate results that forced me to re-think how program execution can affect time.

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Oct 27 2015

The Current State of Affairs for United Kerbin & the KSA

Dispatch from the United Kerbin Government & Kerbal Space Agency

Last week, a malicious software virus began to infect computer systems across the territories of United Kerbin. Harmless on its own with no directives to cause any damage to systems, it instead gave cyber teams from the UKKR a back door to hack into vital UK infrastructure. This new type of warfare was talked about by many UK security experts, but no one thought the UKKR possessed the knowledge or technology to pull off such a feat of coordinated electronic attack. While measures were being drawn up in Assembly to pass legislature that would begin to upgrade systems to defend against such an attack, nothing had yet been implemented along these lines.

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Sep 15 2015

Nineteen Month Update

Been a while…

Hi there, haven’t had a good reason to update this since April after I decided to take a break in May. I ran out of lead time and was working too hard to get it back so I decided to let things go for a while and focus on other things. One of them was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I had carried over the story I had been working on since Dragon Age: Origins. However the more I played the less interested I became in working through some one else’s story and I wanted to get back to creating mine. Still, it took me almost 4 months to decide to come back to KSP and only because I realized that v1.1 would be just as bad an upgrade as v1 which meant if I didn’t go for v1 it would be at least a month or two after v1.1 dropped that all mods would be updated and I would be able to get back to playing. That was just too long to coast.

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Aug 18 2015

Report on the Recovery of Missing Kerbal X Space Research Executives

From the United Kerbin Government

This past weekend, on August 14th, a military patrol along the conflict border between United Kerbin and the United Koviet Kommunist Republic detected a group of individuals attempting to cross over into UK territory. Upon apprehension, it was revealed to be 3 of the 5 Kerbal X Space Research executives who had failed to appear for testimony at a trial back in June regarding the audit of the Kerbal Space Agency. The members of the executive board were suspected of taking both money and knowledge over to the UKKR sometime in July, when one of the execs was arrested near the border. He was later killed in an accident while being transported to Kerbalopolis for questioning. Although no evidence of foul play was found, UK intelligence asserts that the UKKR has the resources to pull off a clean assassination.

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