Jun 25 2015

Latest Report on the KSA Audit and Operation Suspension

From the United Kerbin Government

Today a hearing was held in Kerbalopolis to allow KSA Operations Director and Board Chair Drew Kerman a chance to directly address the allegations put forth by the UK Treasury regarding the fraudulent handling of funds over the course of the Agency’s year and a half worth of operations. Presiding over the hearing was Lead Case Investigator Gimjon Kerman from the UK Treasury Bureau, who spent over 2 hours grilling Drew on various aspects of the KSA finances and business relationships. Walworf Kerman, the head accountant at KSA initially arrested and charged with fraudulent activities, was also present to give testimony on his actions. A representative from Kerbal X Space Research was asked to attend, but failed to appear.

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Jun 03 2015

Update on the Status of KSA Operations

From the United Kerbin Government

The ongoing fraud investigation of the Kerbal Space Agency by the UK Treasury Bureau has announced today that it has found further evidence of funds being mishandled by KSA’s business associate Kerbal X Space Research, and has dispatched a subpoena for documents from their financial records as well. It remains unclear at this time what the two companies were trying to cover up with regard to their altered financial records, or to what extent the managing partners of both companies were involved. KSA Chair and Operations Director Drew Kerman continues to insist that he and his board had no prior knowledge of any “funny business” regarding the company’s financials and he has agreed to testify at a hearing in Kerbalopolis later this month. Lead Case Investigator Gimjon Kerman from the UK Treasury Bureau has his team following up on this new development and calls it “disturbing”. The Treasury will maintain its lock-down on any and all credit previously extended to KSA, forcing the company to continue to withhold from costly operations, including the majority of its day-to-day activities. The Presider, a long-time fan of the KSA and all that it has so far achieved for Kerbin, has gone on record saying “I am disheartened to see such unscrupulous worldly affairs drag down an Agency meant to lift our people above and beyond such things”.

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May 11 2015

Official Statements Regarding Ongoing/Future KSA Operations

From the United Kerbin Government

Last week, the Kerbal Space Agency’s head accountant Walworf Kerman was arrested by the United Kerbin Treasury Bureau and charged with multiple accounts of fraud in connection to various financial reports in both spending and earning statements put forth by the private company over the past year and 3 months. The UK Treasury has frozen all KSA accounts and demanded a full audit on all company finances, from Research & Development to active operations. Company Chair and Director Drew Kerman has said he is cooperating fully with Treasury officials and hopes it won’t take too long to prove that Walworf was acting alone and under no direction by the KSA or its business partners. All ongoing KSA operations have been suspended, although Lead Case Investigator Gimjon Kerman has stated that their first priority will be to identify all clean accounts from which the Agency can continue to draw funds. It is the hope of the Presider and his Assembly that the KSA will be able to resume limited operations within a few weeks, as they consider the endeavor of space exploration to be of utmost importance for the future of United Kerbin, and all kerbalkind.

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Apr 24 2015

Kerbin Satellites – 4/24/15

It’s been a few months since we last took a look at what’s in orbit around Kerbin. Here is a video of the various objects along their orbital paths, sped up 300x normal speed.

Apr 15 2015

#061: Buzzing Minmus

The third and final ComSat to orbit Minmus was successfully launched into LKO, where it transferred without issue to Minmus and detached from its transfer stage in orbit around the moon, leaving it to drift until we re-activate it for use as an impactor. In order to slot the satellite into position between the two existing ones, an aggressive maneuver was plotted to send the craft whipping past Minmus as low as 15km, after which it would rise up to complete the constellation of communication satellites.

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Apr 15 2015

Fourteen Month Update

Bye Gremln, Hi TweetDeck

Rats, no real reaction to my last update. Was hoping to scare a few people. Oh well. I actually did accidentally scare people on twitter into thinking I was quitting though, because I recently switched over from Gremln to TweetDeck, which now lets me schedule tweets at any minute of the day (wasn’t always available in the past) for free and posts them way more reliably than Gremln ever did. However I’m still keeping hold of my paid Gremln account for now just in case I run up against a wall for scheduling via TweetDeck. So far there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on the number of scheduled posts per day or total, but I haven’t been able to work up to a month lead time yet. Anyways, back to the story of scaring people – I have a deadman switch in case something happens to me. I’d hate for the account to just go silent and leave people wondering, so a few days ahead of my last scheduled tweets I have scheduled some tweets to pop up if they are not pushed ahead that let people know I’m gone. When I switched over to start using TweetDeck I let all my Gremln scheduled tweets run out but forgot to delete the deadman tweets I had scheduled over there. Luckily I caught it fast in the morning but still not before a few people noticed and were like “wha?? No!!” – so, sorry about that!

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Apr 12 2015

Small Scale Rocket Launch

Captain Desson has taken up small-scale rocketry. This is his second launch and Commander Bob is behind the camera. First launch ended up in the water and now the plan is to aim north – rocket is weighted to gradually turn over as it rises

You can read more about Desson’s rocket adventures here.

Apr 08 2015

ComSat Minmus III Launch Highlights

Various camera views of the lift off and initial ascent only for the third communications satellite bound for orbit around Minmus

Mar 27 2015

ComSat Minmus II Launch Highlights

Various cameras both on and off the spacecraft capture various major stages of the launch and ascent into orbit, including the launch itself, booster separation, fairing separation, and lift stage separation during the orbital insertion burn. All times given in this video (unlike previous launch highlight videos) are when the clip starts, not when the event occurs

Mar 16 2015

Eeloo I Launch Highlights

Although it ultimately failed to achieve orbit, we still got a bit of footage from our largest ever rocket taking off and ascending

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