Apr 04 2014

#010: Kerbals. In. SPAAAAAAAAACE!

Once orbit was successfully achieved with an unkerbed craft and the payload was returned successfully, the push was on for getting a kerbal up into space next. Excitement and enthusiasm permeated the entire project and Kerbin V was designed and constructed in record time. Commander Jeb, the best of the best, was the unanimous selection by the KSA board for being the first to take the trip up into orbit. The KSA was poised to accomplish a major feat and all eyes were on the Agency from every corner of the world.

tweet1.png tweet2.png tweet3.png tweet4.png tweet5.png Cmdr Jeb is suited up and ready to step into the capsule. We all wish him a safe journey! tweet6.png tweet7.png tweet8.png one of the 'pad workers took this photo of Kerbin V ready to go as the sun sets behind the VAB tweet9.png tweet10.png tweet11.png tweet12.png tweet13.png tweet14.png tweet15.png tweet16.png tweet17.png tweet18.png tweet19.png tweet20.png We're still processing photos but here is one from 109km showing Kerbol rising over the horizon tweet21.png tweet22.png tweet23.png tweet24.png holy wow - check out this shot of the KSC from 300km orbit! Can you find us? tweet25.png tweet26.png tweet27.png tweet28.png tweet29.png tweet30.png tweet31.png tweet32.png tweet33.png tweet34.png here is one of the last photos we processed from Cmdr Jeb's flight. A fitting tribute, we think. RIP brave soul

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