May 11 2015

Official Statements Regarding Ongoing/Future KSA Operations

From the United Kerbin Government

Last week, the Kerbal Space Agency’s head accountant Walworf Kerman was arrested by the United Kerbin Treasury Bureau and charged with multiple accounts of fraud in connection to various financial reports in both spending and earning statements put forth by the private company over the past year and 3 months. The UK Treasury has frozen all KSA accounts and demanded a full audit on all company finances, from Research & Development to active operations. Company Chair and Director Drew Kerman has said he is cooperating fully with Treasury officials and hopes it won’t take too long to prove that Walworf was acting alone and under no direction by the KSA or its business partners. All ongoing KSA operations have been suspended, although Lead Case Investigator Gimjon Kerman has stated that their first priority will be to identify all clean accounts from which the Agency can continue to draw funds. It is the hope of the Presider and his Assembly that the KSA will be able to resume limited operations within a few weeks, as they consider the endeavor of space exploration to be of utmost importance for the future of United Kerbin, and all kerbalkind.

From the Desk of Drew Kerman

I’ve been saying for the past two months that I was afraid this was going to happen, and unfortunately here we are. There’s a lot of things that led to this point, but no real culprit. I’m getting a bit burned out, haven’t really been able to play any other games at all, real life is becoming a bit complicated at the moment, and the actual complexity of daily operations (launch, video, images, editing, converting, creating, planning, maneuvers, craft design, etc, etc) is really making it more of a real-time deal where I’m spending a real day getting through a game day. At one point I had a 3 month lead time. That was pretty sweet. Then it became 2 months… then one… then a few weeks… then a week… then a few days… you get the picture. I rebounded a few times but never enough to push all that far ahead.

Now here’s 1.0, and a lot of save-breaking changes have come from both the stock game and mods. The more I push forward under 0.90 at this point the more painful and maybe impossible it will be to convert my save game over. For previous large game updates like 0.25 and 0.90 I could eat into my lead time and make a smooth transition with no interruption to the story, but that’s not an option this time so I had to fall back to one of my “temporary escape plans”.

So yea, this is temporary. Although I won’t lie – a break from this means I may not actually come back. But I want to. It will largely depend on how well I take to 1.0.2 once I manage to get everything moved over, and how I feel about the game itself moving forward. I’ve been keeping close eyes on the forums and pretty much all the mods I need are ready (the status of DREC & EVE/Scatterer are the two big remaining issues) so the transition will be happening soon. In the meantime I get to enjoy other things for a while, and also take a step back to look at what I’ve done these past 15 months and what I want to do for the next however many months/years.

Anyways, stay tuned – the twitter account should not stay silent for long…

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