Jun 03 2015

Update on the Status of KSA Operations

From the United Kerbin Government

The ongoing fraud investigation of the Kerbal Space Agency by the UK Treasury Bureau has announced today that it has found further evidence of funds being mishandled by KSA’s business associate Kerbal X Space Research, and has dispatched a subpoena for documents from their financial records as well. It remains unclear at this time what the two companies were trying to cover up with regard to their altered financial records, or to what extent the managing partners of both companies were involved. KSA Chair and Operations Director Drew Kerman continues to insist that he and his board had no prior knowledge of any “funny business” regarding the company’s financials and he has agreed to testify at a hearing in Kerbalopolis later this month. Lead Case Investigator Gimjon Kerman from the UK Treasury Bureau has his team following up on this new development and calls it “disturbing”. The Treasury will maintain its lock-down on any and all credit previously extended to KSA, forcing the company to continue to withhold from costly operations, including the majority of its day-to-day activities. The Presider, a long-time fan of the KSA and all that it has so far achieved for Kerbin, has gone on record saying “I am disheartened to see such unscrupulous worldly affairs drag down an Agency meant to lift our people above and beyond such things”.

From the Desk of Drew Kerman

Okay hard decision time. KSP under Unity 5 will be the point at which activities resume in earnest for the KSA. I’m just really, really tired at keeping things updated. Unity 5 will be “over the hump” in many ways regarding ongoing compatibility. Note I didn’t say KSP 1.1, because although they’ve said Unity 5 will come with v1.1, devs say a lot of things that don’t turn out to be true.

In the meantime, while I can’t launch anything as ambitious as an Eve mission under 0.90 simple stuff like aircraft/blimp flights, small-scale rockets, rover testing and LKO missions are still do-able. I’ll also continue to work on improvements to the Flight Tracker (I just recently realized you can register .space domain names!). So light operations will resume before Unity 5 arrives – the only reason I’m not going to allow them to pick up immediately is I would like to finally be able to finish playing through Dragon Age: Inquisition, heh.

So yea, not a lot happening this month but hopefully things will start to ramp up again in July and be back up to full speed after Unity 5 hits later this year.

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