Jun 25 2015

Latest Report on the KSA Audit and Operation Suspension

From the United Kerbin Government

Today a hearing was held in Kerbalopolis to allow KSA Operations Director and Board Chair Drew Kerman a chance to directly address the allegations put forth by the UK Treasury regarding the fraudulent handling of funds over the course of the Agency’s year and a half worth of operations. Presiding over the hearing was Lead Case Investigator Gimjon Kerman from the UK Treasury Bureau, who spent over 2 hours grilling Drew on various aspects of the KSA finances and business relationships. Walworf Kerman, the head accountant at KSA initially arrested and charged with fraudulent activities, was also present to give testimony on his actions. A representative from Kerbal X Space Research was asked to attend, but failed to appear.

At the end of the hearing, the evidence brought forth by the UK Treasury Bureau implicating Walworf as sole perpetrator was upheld, clearing the Kerbal Space Agency of any wrongdoing as a corporate entity. Walworf Kerman admitted that he had been paid by Kerbal X to re-allocate funds from the KSA into Kerbal X’s own space initiative, at the same time working to steal trade secrets, although his inability to groom an accomplice in the KSA’s engineering department prior to his arrest meant little to nothing of such was leaked. Walworf is scheduled to go on trial sometime next month. Meanwhile, the UK Treasury Bureau is beginning to work with various law enforcement agencies to track down and apprehend top-level Kerbal X executives, who all seem to have disappeared in recent days.

Unfortunately, the missing executives also took with them most of the stolen funds. While the KSA has been cleared of criminal charges, the lock on Agency funding will remain until the stolen monies are recovered for the UK Treasury Bureau to complete the audit on the Agency and fully determine that it is not in receivership or owes the government any additional payments.

From the Desk of Drew Kerman

So, 1.0.3 errr I mean 1.0.4 is out – yay! But again, waiting for 1.1 to do the big upgrade. I’m fairly certain any mod that makes use of a UI (which are a lot but not all) are going to break completely. I can’t imagine Squad would leave in legacy UI code for compatibility’s sake, that’s just messy from a project management standpoint and they’re already complaining about how the current UI is a mish-mash of systems. I’m guessing 1.1 will drop sometime around late Aug or early Sept, which is unfortunate because that’s quite a ways for the KSA to have to “coast”, but so it goes. It will then take at least a month or two to ramp back up to full activity.

Let’s all take this continued downtime to reflect shall we? Whether you’ve been following the KSA’s activities since it began or just recently, if you’re here reading this I’m sure you also have some thoughts on the Agency and how I’ve been running things. So please, drop me a comment below. If you’re not a forum member and don’t feel like registering, you can also send me an email via dkerman@blade-edge.com

Personally, I only have a few regrets. Mainly the fact that when I started, a lot of things that would have been great to have at the beginning weren’t implemented yet. It would have been awesome to upgrade my facilities as time went on. I probably should have begun with what Desson is doing now with his small rockets. At the same time though, I think I began at a pretty good time in KSP’s development in terms of its reach and popularity. It certainly hasn’t peaked, but like anything else it’s getting there. But although it does annoy me every now and again that the KSA didn’t have more humble beginnings, all I can do is move forward.

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