Apr 15 2015

Fourteen Month Update

Bye Gremln, Hi TweetDeck

Rats, no real reaction to my last update. Was hoping to scare a few people. Oh well. I actually did accidentally scare people on twitter into thinking I was quitting though, because I recently switched over from Gremln to TweetDeck, which now lets me schedule tweets at any minute of the day (wasn’t always available in the past) for free and posts them way more reliably than Gremln ever did. However I’m still keeping hold of my paid Gremln account for now just in case I run up against a wall for scheduling via TweetDeck. So far there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on the number of scheduled posts per day or total, but I haven’t been able to work up to a month lead time yet. Anyways, back to the story of scaring people – I have a deadman switch in case something happens to me. I’d hate for the account to just go silent and leave people wondering, so a few days ahead of my last scheduled tweets I have scheduled some tweets to pop up if they are not pushed ahead that let people know I’m gone. When I switched over to start using TweetDeck I let all my Gremln scheduled tweets run out but forgot to delete the deadman tweets I had scheduled over there. Luckily I caught it fast in the morning but still not before a few people noticed and were like “wha?? No!!” – so, sorry about that!

Still Waiting on 1.0

I’m kinda nervous about 1.0 – it might actually cause me a good deal of grief upgrading due to the relative enormity of the overhaul being made to the game. Right now I predict it will take me upwards of a month to finally upgrade after it comes out and after all the mods catch up and after I can finally find some time to do it. A major issue for me is Valentina. I’ve been hinting at a female kerbal kadet since last October, and this was before Squad announced female kerbals so I was originally planning to use the TextureReplacer skins for females. Thankfully I never released a photo so when Squad announced they were doing females I realized I could easily jump to the proper female model without any continuity problems. But there’s still the problem of me having a female astronaut now who’s graduated but not actually available for me to use myself since 1.0 isn’t out. Thankfully the community manager Kasper was kind enough to supply me with a photo of her for graduation day, and I set up an accident for her earlier to account for needing a separate photo. Also thankfully it will be a month or two at least before there are any missions for her to actually fly. So it could all still work out.

Flight Tracker GitHubbed

I got two separate requests to have my flight tracker code placed on GitHub for referencing and forking, so here it is. It would indeed be nice to see if anyone does anything with it. I’m still looking to add the features I talked about last entry – turns out my business trip (which was to shoot off mad crazy fireworks) was absolutely nuts and left me no time to do anything but work and sleep. But getting the craft menu filterable and able to show inactive craft is something that’s really bugging me and I’ll get to it soon.

Staying Ahead… Barely

It’s Wed and I’m working on posts for this Friday. That’s way too close. Even with the “free” weekends now it’s been hard maintaining a lead, never mind extending it. At this rate as soon as I hit a month I’m just going to have to maintain that because getting there will come real close to burning me out. But after that I should be able to do a day’s worth of stuff and keep it steady.

Really wish I had more time to say more or that I had more to say – but I will say that I’m still coming up with a lot of cool new things and ideas to do which keeps me going

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