Apr 28 2014

#015: The Rogue Flight of Kerbin VI

Captain Bob, originally slated to command the second kerbed orbital mission aboard Kerbin VI, has fallen mysteriously ill and Captain Bill is commanding in his stead. However, it soon becomes clear that Bill has his own agenda…

tweet1.png tweet2.png tweet3.pngtweet4.png tweet5.png tweet6.png tweet7.png tweet8.png tweet9.png tweet10.png tweet11.png tweet12.png tweet13.png tweet14.png tweet15.png tweet16.png tweet17.png tweet18.png tweet19.png tweet20.png science camera transmitted some photos to us while we had an uplink. Here is the first photo processed, from 309km tweet21.png tweet22.png tweet23.png tweet24.png still awaiting word from recovery team. Meanwhile, here is another photo from the science cam. Mun rise over Kerbin! tweet25.png tweet26.png tweet27.png tweet28.png

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