May 17 2014

#019: ComSat III Placement

After the previously failed launch, a new ComSat III is sent up into orbit to complete the initial phase of the LKO communications network.

tweet1.png tweet2.png tweet3.png tweet4.png tweet5.png tweet6.png tweet7.png tweet8.png tweet9.png tweet10.png tweet11.png tweet12.png tweet13.png tweet14.png main tracking screen shows how ComSat III (blue orbit) will be slinging around Kerbin to get ahead of ComSat I tweet15.png tweet16.png tweet17.png tweet18.png tweet19.png tweet20.png At approximately 2:42PM the KSC suffered a massive power failure due to grid damage from a nearby electrical storm. Backup power was used to complete the mission but the terminal from which tweets are sent was not part of essential systems. The following tweets have been reconstructed based on mission notes. tweet21.png tweet22.png tweet23.png tweet24.png tweet25.png tweet26.png tweet27.png it was close, but ComSat III rising to Ap will slow down enough to stay in sight of ComSat I for RCS adjustments tweet28.png tweet29.png tweet30.png tweet31.png tweet32.png tweet33.png

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