May 26 2014

#021: No Rendezvous For You

After the treachery of Capt Bill, Capt Bob gets to finally go into space. His mission is to rendezvous with the Kerbin III spacecraft that was previously stranded in orbit so that he can perform a fuel transfer and de-orbit the defunct vehicle.

tweet1.png tweet2.png rocket is rolled out and getting hooked up to the launch tower to begin receiving resources tweet3.png tweet4.png tweet5.png tweet6.png suited up and ready to board - safe flight, Capt Bob! tweet7.png tweet8.png tweet9.png tweet10.png tweet11.png tweet12.png tweet13.png as you can see, we won't be captureing Kerbin III on this trip - not enough dV remaining to further adjust orbit tweet14.png tweet15.png tweet16.png tweet17.png tweet18.png here's our favorite shot: sunrise from 378km tweet19.png tweet20.png tweet21.png Bob sent us a photo of the capsule and orbital stage while he was out on EVA high above the KSC tweet22.png tweet23.png tweet24.png tweet25.png tweet26.png tweet27.png tweet28.png tweet29.png tweet30.png tweet31.png

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