Jun 03 2014

#022: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

After failing to rendezvous and de-orbit the derelict Kerbin III spacecraft, Capt Bob has launched once again into space to attempt another close-encounter. This mission sets up a less-direct approach to the target to hopefully make things easier, and also tests out a new lift rocket configuration.

tweet1.png tweet2.png tweet3.png tweet4.png tweet5.png Bob took a picture from inside the capsule. As you can see, you can't see much tweet6.png tweet7.png tweet8.png tweet9.png tweet10.png tweet11.png tweet12.png tweet13.png tweet14.png tweet15.png tweet16.png tweet17.png we have Kerbin III targeted and scheduled for close approach - here is what mission control is looking at tweet18.png tweet19.png tweet20.png tweet21.png tweet22.png tweet23.png tweet24.png Capt Bob's first flyby yielded no new observations, but he did take time to snap a photo of the southern aurora tweet25.png tweet26.png here is a launch photo from just after ignition, check out those SRBs tweet27.png Capt Bob is faring well up in space. He did some EVA and took a sunset selfie tweet28.png tweet29.png tweet30.png tweet31.png tweet32.png tweet33.png recovery team is at the capsule and found Bob out taking a swim to stretch his muscles tweet34.png tweet35.png

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