Jul 26 2014

#026: ComSat Mun I & Munar Orbiter I

While various technologies are still under development to eventually put some kerbals on Mun, the Agency is getting ready by establishing a communications relay network that will allow an orbiting craft to maintain a constant connection to Mission Control. To do this, there will be two ComSats placed out in front and behind Mun along its orbit. The first, ComSat Mun I, is what the KSA is launching for this mission. The transfer stage that will carry the satellite into position will then enter into an orbit around Mun for science observations. After this, an impact trajectory will be set up to kick up a good amount of Munar soil that ground-based telescopes can observe. The mission is expected to take two days to complete.

sVBE6A3.png6TkoNmK.png TW8QRe2.png jwj5Ndo.png less than 30 minutes to launch and we are holding final countdown at T-5. Beautiful weather out n9Dxk6W.png mCyHPkd.png O5qVRts.png si9JtbW.png 9lzT9tO.png U9Gsze6.png hfWwq77.png sF3AuXU.png tlA6de0.png avY5u18.png bhNCreF.png our first batch of eye candy arrived from the onboard cameras. Here's a shot from 365Km. Can you spot the planets? z630j0Z.png EpbeDYp.png gE00tRy.png GiXoXWk.png Go9HJuW.png WTJcAeG.png ZSTUgLh.png 0bx6rL8.png bkHhLsg.png U0W5SJ5.png Ih5eksS.png 9cC0Now.png pAiu3Wi.png

we’ve jumped relay to ComSat I and have just passed that satellite’s 4.4Mm distance record so here’s faraway Kerbin (1:16 PM)

SYuzqhZ.png eh73YcC.png o7K7OWX.png 6FX4VMA.png tpGMJYr.png BF7FknF.png almost there... here's a look at Mun with Jool the first bright dot to the left and Minmus the first to the right tqfXinS.png we are 30 minutes from burn to circularize orbit at 11,400Km and place ComSat Mun I kbw0LvY.png 1QcjbDt.png Kerbin, our blue marble, from 11,400Km VP5wQJo.png H6AbJEX.png mCyZFlq.png we moved the Mun transfer stage back in close for both craft to take shots w/ their cams we moved the Mun transfer stage back in close for both craft to take shots w/ their cams Ql4V2Lg.png fXK3v7G.png here's an uncluttered look at the upcoming burn to give you all an idea of what we deal with here at mission control 9SARXmk.png g4ICZtH.png wy2ofDJ.png 16WRQus.png 0OdFbHL.png 41XNylf.png we're already gathering science from the outer-edges of Mun's influence - and pictures! Here is Mun from 1179Km JOyeJSB.png Nkfv34b.png yudspfq.png Munar Orbiter I is still falling towards Mun but here's a photo of yesterday's launch from the tower cam BorTSDM.png 480Km above Mun but what's really striking is this sliver of Kerbin gleaming in the darkness of space RK35nqe.png QuCAFlx.png gGBSjiN.png we got our uplink back just in time to catch this sweet sunset 3wpUuGa.png rQKumZM.png 6jdJS0E.png our last large chunk of mits was this photo from 45km close approach 5xjSDI5.png DOAAN1s.png qrnxHER.png XXVIeQH.png 0RKOPVd.png 2Ic4Oow.png khMxZtf.png

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