Aug 09 2014

#027: 1 Day, 3 Missions

The second ComSat is sent to Mun to establish a network of relay communications for any orbiting space craft. Originally designed to trail Mun’s orbit around Kerbin, ComSat Mun I failed to hold station in its leading position and now the KSA is constructing the same 3-satellite constellation as their LKO relay network. The new configuration lead to the R&D department coming up with capacitor technology for increased energy storage needed for the ComSats to survive a combined Munar night transit and Kerbol eclipse while operating. A second dish was also added – both improvements would need to be also added to ComSat Mun I at some point in the future. Flight Officer Kirk also performs 2 flights in the Mk1.2 Raker – one to video the launch from 10Km and another to drop science pods on the badlands on the other side of Kerbin.

This dispatch includes Mk1.2 Raker Flight Logs #7 and #8.
Nmgkyov.pngV7hysOe.png kr1bX36.png Lk2JDE9.png oqsap6B.png 'pad workers caught FO Kirk & the Raker, off to an early start to test out and get used to the new camera equipment 4Tc8pkP.png Kirk is on station 10Km over KSC flying a racetrack pattern. New camera equipment operating well DcJ1flI.png YqNLP24.png 9DQxLfm.png lMvF0we.png b6W4pQw.png sCxJ94B.png r9h9Dlz.png Jd7XV8l.png while we await orbital burn in a few minutes, here's the rocket going supersonic from the Raker's ventral cam o71rwyN.png JHG0Mvn.png Kr2lK4N.png engineers left little room for error with our Δv budget this mission but we'll make it, with maybe ~100m/s Δv left 7CM5erq.png DvyBfrb.png fXVncLm.png Y6zRmRT.png capacitor discharge test successful, EC topped off. Here's the 70 Mit image we transmitted to drain most of the EC XEEGbrY.png qVDX8C3.png RSI6dyE.png JuxYWhx.png Flight Officer Kirk is out doing his visual inspection of the Raker prior to takeoff, photo by a ground crew member oHY6ATP.png O7IcPNO.png Id5CwSz.png 0j1wu12.png Kirk stares up into space from 10Km ComSat Mun II stares down at Kerbin from 7,314Km w1jED35.png mDg2see.png qWfiTGX.png lbuxsNE.png 2dMAwxj.png Mun rise via the forward camera onboard the Raker sClRnSj.png JIDDNdF.png pcA0ptk.png Dk5bBTn.png r7Jc3Pz.png f1jG2F6.png YSYgAoj.png tKIOWTx.png eIIMp6A.png VwPsq4b.png 27 minutes to orbital insertion around Mun for ComSat Mun II and we can see it a bit better now AOb85fc.png tAS3UeQ.png saY1vWl.png P3pOxBq.png Z3j7OLJ.png iaZzB0x.png 4xgkLOF.png 4kEdDpE.png ZPyenbA.png visual inspection complete, both crafts looking good visual inspection complete, both crafts looking good usxnQ2V.png bcP8cuJ.png prtUBye.png Munar Orbiter II bids ComSat Mun II a final farewell as it preps to burn for close pass to Mun Oh7IBh4.png dllwSAO.png TrZCwPK.png tB8shXx.png EvA3t30.png OZvtbGD.png SPV0O78.png TBra7qM.png

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