Oct 10 2014

#032: New Astronaut Training (Flight 1)

The KSA is looking to clean up two spent stages floating in space, and it has two astronauts fresh out of the Academy to prove their mettle on individual missions to de-orbit the debris. Capt Desson, by virtue of alphabetical order, is launching first atop a revised version of the craft Capt Bob used to perform the first-ever orbital rendezvous earlier this year. After a range clearance issue forces the launch later into the day, Desson carries out his mission, but not without problems.

mSGe2mU.png6gD3lxk.png rocket has begun receiving fuel. It towers over the pad at 21m, our tallest vehicle to date. Also the heaviest at 53t w48AugF.png\ QioVT8F.png Gj91wZg.png Desson is getting ready to board the capsule. He's been in one before, but now it's for the real deal i7zvSOj.png 4GZdJ1B.png NduXUMA.png Kz91qCf.png QpgsPZC.png ZYMwTUR.png UFYRsIB.png mdhziSJ.png 4lQo4GR.png xsbgwZC.png jYs0vyl.png 0nc0Y0e.png hflAIGr.png orDyznR.png 2sdauev.png in the meantime, here is Desson's first photo from orbit at 91km aGYQkBh.png M1CVuuK.png DcsgwqL.png Desson's back onboard, here's a photo he took while out on EVA BmC6pCS.png PhOK5gL.png tpMUax8.png w5K3JsD.png DRRe137.png here's a look at what Desson is seeing from the cockpit right now 4O1Kdzh.png vJW2o6H.png weSnihO.png Desson already EVA'd to prep parts for the upcoming rendezvous & we are all set for burn at close approach yMsbMs9.png KaQChhd.png\ feNYUY0.png oDPRbM1.png XYUt05n.png 23RyI10.png 3n25gBA.png LWyHrf3.png 8WW7DuN.png Desson took this photo while waiting to see if backup probe was working, prior to attaching the launch antenna xs75HZ7.png JrmnFNl.png wZi4sYB.png MNxsUXS.png jvBKFjq.png clLMHsj.png pkrFbL2.png Ff8pqGg.png recovery crews originally heading to the desert are now close to the mountains where Capt Desson landed L1Et6JY.png crews have located Desson and here he is happy to be in one piece with the slope he tumbled down rising behind him o4WJZ7K.png

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