Oct 13 2014

#033: Mk1-2 Capsule Recovery Trials

The recently-unveiled Mk1-2 capsule has spent its first few weeks undergoing recovery trials to ensure that it can safely return astronauts to the ground/water after passing through re-entry. Three tests were designed to put the Mk1-2 systems through their paces as well as test automated functions that will be used for its first orbital flight, which will be unkerbed.

sumBkVf.pngthe Mk1-2 in the VAB getting ready for its first drop test tomorrow over KSC. You can come watch if you're visiting! CTwO4n5.png T0s8F1P.png vbl3Il7.png PJFPLBQ.png RsunFBs.png capsule has been shoved out as the aircraft flew back north of KSC at 1km, just high enough for chute deployment hOfekfN.png as Bob would say - "kersplat!!" Capsule hit at 40m/s as planned, very near max tolerance so we can test integrity hm24sz1.png Cxgmmks.png WOqHYhT.png Q6ehnLR.png 6jDgrc7.png vOlJP9f.png v6UXoWG.png VAB is readying the Mk1-2 for its drop test later today @ 14:00 UTC: Full chute deployment, remote operation, RCS gpguIu0.png euhgnTj.png XYaxuvO.png OGZMd5X.png bhPZVvB.png 6jpaw3V.png here's a photo Capt Wehrtop took from the control tower as the capsule descended under full chute deployment at 1km MbAg1A7.png lSnmDp2.png 6RkJJil.png rM4ooDC.png jKyP2W2.png LAahFVv.png awB9pbL.png LnIAXn5.png uWqKBTR.png zdHVYkN.png recovery boat has reached the capsule, floating in the Kerblantic 11km from KSC. Looks good! D0Yf4ZA.png wuV3oKk.png

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