Oct 08 2014

#031: Rover Development Phase 1

The first extra-planetary goal of the rover program was Mun, a close neighbor that would provide minimal signal lag and 24/7 communication thanks to the established satellite network around both Mun and Kerbin. However rather than sending a rover directly to Mun, the team knew they had to test a version here on Kerbin first to make sure the design was capable of handling lower Mun gravity. They also wanted to begin working towards a completely automated drive capability, despite the low signal lag allowing for manual control. This first phase of development looks at the design of the rover, the first delivery vehicle concept, and the beginnings of automated drive software.

tgOULAc.pngAg6A6l2.png Capt Bob wandered over from the Astronaut Complex to check out the rover and give us a bit of scale bsAlczb.png while the rover can get up to 9m/s on all for wheel motors, we've discovered brakes should be applied... delicately rSH8kxd.png 5tOIBGL.png a rover-eye view of the Memorial to the Fallen behind the Astronaut Complex eWQ4TUQ.png floating monolith 2km from KSC (and others) have kept scholars debating for centuries about their existence qgdcpdU.png mF63PKj.png we've roved a few km from KSC, having difficulty scaling some small hills but overall a smooth ride so far ebWLdtT.png BxF1dN9.png LW9xA9z.png KDxdWJt.png outside the rover garage with the Mun rover. No sunlight? No problem! Basic testing scheduled for this afternoon y7dV4Xs.png CGiqemb.png 7Cvswqg.png engineers are out checking damage to the Mun rover after it was accidentally driven off the edge of the launch pad 1ccpiti.png j7jvutT.png df0xSpc.png KVvVwHG.png tIZIrt1.png ggp0njg.png 0GEtbZo.png after 6km of roving over the past 27min, Lupek has just reached the grasslands. Rover-eye view of the mountains KbdzljV.png now roving for 85min and having traveled 30km, Lupek has reached the highlands at the foot of the mountains 3MLlvDe.png iZG6mtF.png jjc72xI.png UC0KA6w.png Lupek has been hooked up to its delivery vehicle that will land it on Mun, we'll be testing release today UCCBK2l.png BA0mW43.png we had a good drop and Lupek is free to wander around - although no long-distance roving planned for today vxE449J.png kQh9fii.png kkb1RXc.png VnBrSvb.png

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