Oct 23 2014

#035: Mu-SCAN – Munar survey & science

After proving that the technology to map planets from orbit was proven with the earlier K-SCAN mission, a new probe was assembled to make the journey to Mun to perform the same task. Here it would be much more important to obtain surface data for use in future missions, both kerbed and unkerbed. The Mu-SCAN probe also carried along a gravioli and radiation detector for a secondary mission of gathering new scientific data around Mun.

tH3bi5i.pnglddrgXu.png z7dX4Ha.png here is Mu-SCAN on the pad. Some blue skies trying to break through the cloud cover. Weather remains red HhTc7cZ.png STEOhCu.png ytlQuMr.png zX7oU4Y.png wBEdUJP.png quT5Pjg.png GM26szH.png launch tomorrow is cancelled. However, the Aerospace Group has a new toy to test in the afternoon XpHzoDO.png yNuLfb6.png T4tJH1H.png rC3bslM.png Mu-SCAN on the pad with some nicer weather this time. Clouds expected to clear out later for launch Ve2Xllp.png rT2tCeO.png sohC7fN.png ZnUex9N.png POINvlW.png ZoWG0bH.png az1nvOT.png zC3nhSk.png 5uuoilz.png NMDLK0I.png NZ9oT4D.png BWsj14A.png while we continue to run system checks and plot our Mun transfer burn, here is an orbital photo to enjoy mWmbV3w.png rn6wkTc.png here we are looking at our destination rising over Kerbin's night side. T-3 minutes to transfer burn YvO3z0S.png qJAK5zP.png Mu-SCAN looking back home as it drifts away towards Mun Nzk1t4s.png UHVrIEe.png we're halfway the distance to Mun, and just over 4hrs from SOI insertion X46xu8c.png Mun SOI in under 30 mins & we've re-established comms to Mu-SCAN via the Munar relay network. Here is Mun from 1.9Mm 7kqCW1s.png eFgpt4S.png CcU20Cv.png KCTjW8r.png ljI4zJG.png here's what Mu-SCAN's transfer stage will be doing thru tomorrow, helping to place the satellite before impacting Mun brQuYi1.png LL9rX5G.png kIKtxCL.png n9ZyAYL.png lKPgFfh.png 9vcxJFv.png ePtw91o.png RKKs6Qc.png wX21j3I.png we've decoupled and moved Mu-SCAN out of the way so the transfer stage, seen here, can retro-burn remaining 100m/s Δv eg4pCux.png R8tayOC.png bDPQecB.png beneath the orbital plane of Mun, we see it atop Kerbin, which is getting all cozy with Duna. Jool is off to the left 5MB4ryo.png 0UHMhTz.png our first look at the north pole of Mun tWAz66s.png qGm4psO.png and here's a look up at the south pole of Mun BQqDL0F.png Y3UCnil.png vVNG7FH.png VtGVAHj.png 4shd9Qw.png VcEWrQr.png FztoYxY.png qJKqsXX.png Hq28k3J.png dPlV60O.png kuaC0Jn.png 2suOynm.png m6cTbqk.png the lumpy surface of Mun in relief taken by Mu-SCAN in its new orbit just under 60km for more science data collection j421Cez.png ny2FgdF.png Kerbin glitters like a jewel in space. Mu-SCAN completed its low-orbital secondary science mission this morning HVd87qZ.png UqmCMhG.png


Render of Mu-SCAN in orbit with all instruments fully deployed – click to view Flight Tracker

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