Oct 22 2014

#034: New Astronaut Training (Flight 2)

After the successful removal of orbital debris earlier in the month, the final piece of orbital debris awaits removal by the KSA’s second new astronaut, Captain Wehrtop Kerman. This mission will serve him well to apply all the training and skills he acquired during his 6 months training as a kadet, including overcoming any unforeseen obstacles during execution. The debris being removed was part of the rocket that took Captain Bob into orbit where he was finally able to successfully rendezvous for the first time with another craft in space.

YQpw2hP.png3uzRhTA.png B9brBQ8.png KDO MkII is out on the pad, still completing umbilical hookups. At just over 19m, slightly shorter than Desson's MkII m7Hr1qW.png mavhrq0.png it's finally time for Capt Wehrtop to climb aboard the KDO for preflight. We all wish him a safe & successful journey wkAu27K.png QfALYH5.png ZgIcW8y.png KUfXeZP.png WX0BOE9.png LdhJ6nG.png ayN8E3x.png Fz9fxaE.png kySa23g.png biWqcVX.png oiop0Ko.png lBfDMLk.png wBX8raa.png 6VHDCHg.png UcarZ6Y.png N0PhygF.png Wehrtop EVA'd to place the fuel pipe endpoint & snapped this shot. No, that's not where we're heading... yetOdHZqdC.png lJuR4kU.png wgvcfG9.png Wehrtop says he's enthralled by the sight of the thin blanket of air that protects us from the harshness of space HqGYZjm.png nHbRS9s.png ub06A7d.png plenty of things to keep Wehrtop busy while we await close approach, mostly orbital observations V6Hoh13.png aEfKVhR.png zeWeD9u.png cSF8Q0j.png 9rJGkN4.png E7nor8N.png 4xoy5AX.png yC2gJ7Y.png X1lgTs0.png W5GmFK9.png xoPufsr.png here's an EVA photo Wehrtop took prior to reentering the capsule after placing all the parts on the debris Xg5TsZi.png niEFfnC.png Wehrtop says hi hXLYKqs.png HYVV33K.png KDO is oriented retrograde ready for burn in 4min for return trajectory & this is what the camera ended up looking at l772wvO.png jYhZbSj.png 0kRzBrG.png 7ORcIOh.png pIoumlh.png uPJvLbE.png recovery underway, here's Wehrtop's landing photo. It even *looks* hot out there, ugh HTjmH9r.png for an extra case of Kerbcraft Liqour, Wernher got Wehrtop to trek over to a giant cacti for additional samples nKAo3bq.png0En4rnX.png

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