Oct 29 2014

#038: IP ComSat I Ascent Failure

With the Duna I mission undergoing final construction this month for launch at the beginning of December, the KSA is using the time to put in place two new communications satellites around Kerbin that will provide links to any craft operating in interplanetary space. The R&D department recently rolled out their largest dish yet, capable of communicating as far as Eeloo. This was to be the first of two satellites orbiting high over Kerbin’s poles, and is also the first rocket to incorporate recoverable boosters.

wLVzyu8.png A9YabOi.pngf7vxCYq.png iE1nwpi.png workers are clearing the pad and here's IP ComSat I lit by the sun just rising over the horizon Yw6XjoJ.png NYmJD6q.png pYatpYV.png mIRd0ao.png OQngtsu.png 3rFaWbW.png recovery crews out to fish the SRBs from the Kerblantic report the rockets are descending well under chutes ENKjsaM.png GRmkWvu.png nLYoA0l.png 8fPHcfd.png Q0lIgi1.png


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