Nov 07 2014

#042: 2.5m Engine/Mk1-2 Recovery Trials

With the upgrades to the VAB complete, the KSA now has the ability to construct larger 2.5m craft in addition to any 1.25m rockets already under construction. Before they can launch their first 2.5m rocket, there are two new engines to test. The main lifter cluster is actually using the Bearcat engine that has been the lifter engine of choice for the KSA mostly since day one. However it has only before been clustered in pairs. A new orbital engine to replace the 1.25m RMA-3 workhorse is also in need of testing. Once the tests have proven successful, the teams can assemble a 2.5m test vehicle to put the new Mk1-2 capsule through an unkerbed orbital mission to ensure it can return safely.

SkVHCLf.png5vQdPal.png 34tCPSU.pngwe're still running through checks to ensure the engines are ready to light. Here it is while Mun sets over the VAB  wackoP1.png PgLf6Bp.pnggBotNJv.png throttle response good on takedown for max Q, back up to full and approaching 1100° operating temps  V14yTTw.png KMGAMOY.png here's a close-up of the engines from cameras mounted on the clamp legs qMCZ2Sq.png Z75Kbn0.png qVjNuXt.png VAB busy prepping the Mk1-2 system for orbital recovery test flight next month. New 2.5m orbital engine being tuned hScWXPk.png ArUSrlu.png b04RGoJ.png we're about ready to light her up. Final checks underway prior to ignition yW4l8nE.png WLturzf.png i5bQEqX.png i2uIHyT.png hLR9d7p.png not as impressive as our Bearcat lifter engines but when up in space it's certainly enough to get the job done eUw6TJY.png wUwM71l.png e39XvEa.png BxgL2gj.png a look at final staging for the Mk1-2 test rocket (orbital stage being lifted) & IP ComSat I (fairing attachment) awZmfzx.png HlhggMY.png Mk1-2 rocket is out on the pad and we're completing umbilical linkage to begin transferring fuel into the tanks 6YGZ3wq.png 9oLWanb.png VkvoTVL.png jJgHSzw.png bPgNaN0.png 0KVuxko.png here's the rocket sitting patiently on the pad as seen from the booster cam mounted atop the LES M7SGHUN.png Ux6ygxY.png ixhSO7U.png 3ZGFpHF.png q7ilfnv.png iS0Ocu0.png pJbG81Y.png ksIRBPV.png R7IN8xB.png JbFzQpW.png ACdHo5w.png 4du1umz.png HI84VWr.png Dz1kPfW.png gNVLvrM.png pI5wV4s.png 49XkFWF.png recovery crews are enroute to the area where we believe the capsule splashed down. They have a ways to go. ETA 2.5hrs IVDRzKh.png pjax026.png 9EQAGFi.png YFoqNbE.png eOKQCUa.png C6EK5Sc.png ZY3YMsx.png 9r9FDYf.png


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