Nov 10 2014

#044: The Dawn of Interplanetary Comms

With the previously-failed launch of IP ComSat I, the second craft already under construction was used for its replacement. The purpose of these satellites is to achieve extremely elliptical polar orbits in order to spend the maximum amount of time above/below Kerbin for best possible line of sight to other planets in the Kerbol system. A dish capable of reaching as far as Eeloo is included on each satellite, as well as two smaller dishes to help connect craft traveling around the Kerbin system. In addition to placing IP ComSat in orbit, some existing hardware up in LKO was re-purposed to help create a more redundant communications network around Kerbin.

7kqBQmN.pngx3UALFb.png IP ComSat I is out on the pad & we are getting it ready for exposure overnight. No delays for launch tomorrow so far 1rz0NvL.png we've begun fueling the rocket for launch, and Mun is barely visible in the light of the sun prior to eclipse oxIVeDo.png the eclipse has reached totality. Can't say the same for the fuel tanks yet though! 8ZWjyrE.png jFUmCgh.png nJ0m1Pf.png qkrF3l2.png elAwUlO.png ejAOQkZ.png WbZJlb1.png whQaNo7.png Keif1UN.png xZeLjGb.png 3lERbU8.png ZRBx6Gh.png 2DibHFP.png 3Sh9leN.png 2BRf7dN.png jEKHAcr.png camera also tested. Lead Engineer Simon's face is as red as the antenna sticking up in the way. Ooops. FiFtS3A.png CLunTQw.png IlWeba7.png skTdwQr.png C6Z62Gj.png here's the tracking screen showing IP ComSat I on its way high over Kerbin, linking to LKO & Munar ComSats pAS6X0M.png launch photo from atop the VAB. North off the pad isn't our usual launch direction but still over water at least uQo7W23.png weak control authority allowed the heavy payload to tip the rocket more than we'd like. Here is our preferred profile Gnxsp0y.png eDOqq1O.png EpkbwzA.png 7roTyXG.png GdBhep5.png we don't need our antenna way up here at 7.3Mm so we took it down for this photo looking at the north pole of Kerbin cKzyqUH.png 3Mke6Cs.png Bo36xxo.png Lanalye let the KWO mission director post this image from his station. We're prepping a maneuver for KWO-1 wYoCJVp.png ueOgrU0.png RT7kzlY.png syDvCjR.png KWO-1's orbit may be less inclined, but the craft itself is still more than inclined to send us awesome photos xhd9M6q.png JbqHIQA.png V2wPIxN.png 5PC9Ex0.png tntUSSi.png VmDmkge.png lUus7na.png IP LinkSat is in place and deployed. Here's a look at how our current communications network functions

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