Oct 25 2014

#036: Automated Rover Test Drive #1

After completing the first phase of rover testing KSA engineers got to work on the software that would help to pilot the rover on other worlds where controllers won’t have immediate execution of commands. A stripped-down version of the rover was constructed for testing of waypoint acquisition and navigation, culminating in the first long-distance drive over 150km to the west shore desert.

PGJATu4.pngGwt4LPi.png eRf4DbU.png HYRb8bC.png mnir7wH.png Y2BR4jb.png the rover team is happy to announce that Lupek successfully navigated off the runway to a target 1.2km away D3mE7r7.png R3JYo2D.png OGmjNdr.png PAMI8jU.png XnqpqNP.png the sun is rising and Lupek is on the runway ready to get going! Good luck, little rover we're rooting for ya 3vCttL7.png lkpj4ON.png 8bd6UBe.png 8J2FyQJ.png KWO-2 shows how great the weather is out there for the rover team today. Partly cloudy and sunny skies 54ZOxaP.png rovin, rovin, roviinnnnn... Lupek is doing great, 46km traveled from KSC and 42km remaining to the next waypoint 9upPehl.png 8t5S9cY.png rover team is running out of sunlight quick and still has 24.6km to go. Lupek still performing nominally wpWxLAO.png 2hnZtNt.png oYkiZH1.png V61UPWs.png LYnyQON.png Z9gFvOm.png olmWSph.png cruising along, pace vehicle says they are moving at 8m/s. 17km left to go XCDGlmg.png uwWD9qu.png waypoint4 achieved! Lupek and the team will camp out here and resume travel tomorrow morning after second sunrise GGmnuUx.png here's what the team achieved this evening (solid line), earlier today and the drive remaining tomorrow 0rmLAhU.png CTA0qCS.png clsYV9e.png and they're off! Hah, it looks like Lupek certainly knows where its going, even if it can't quite get there yet... pZ3uUkl.png Gy2xb2P.png 8o7HP4w.png 5bPZUKH.png 2blSrSw.png Q1jK7qE.png

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