Oct 26 2014

#037: Automated Rover Test Drive #2

After successfully navigating 169.3km from KSC out to the west shore desert, the rover team got to work planning an even harder route back home that would test the rover’s ability to handle a slope it couldn’t navigate, as well as refactoring a large portion of the rover driver software to give the team more data to look at while the rover operated.

ySOMD0u.pnguQugxYu.png AD0r40P.png OJSqyvo.png aGtrlk7.png eeftF0g.png GyDpuo3.png yRWdL4T.png 9QAbzDD.png here's the new output display the team spent most of the day working on. Engineers monitor this data as Lupek drives SjvNTwj.png Cv6SuwC.png 4KatugW.png 700yZkV.png xxiDHSG.png 3SWs4VQ.png lsGowTF.png W1 achieved, but a software crash means some more time debugging. Here's the route home, selected for difficult slope sqCJdQz.png 4p1ob6h.png beqSWEd.png Lupek is rovin' towards the second dawn of the day. 19km to go to W3 UpyiwyO.png XVXvdNJ.png W3! Lupek now faces its most challenging leg yet to W4. Rover team doesn't expect it to get over the ~10-12° slope jcjcPZS.png yowza, chase vehicle caught Lupek just as it caught a little air driving off a ridge! No problems landing though cPr0Dg1.png okay, it's make or break time. Engineers expect Lupek to balk at this ridge and back down KF77mT0.png xTlT4ji.png J8ImAcM.png still, rover team happy with its 69.2km continuous drive, during which it performed as expected LX7Kw2n.png

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