Oct 30 2014

#039: Automated Rover Test Drive #3

The previous test drive ended in disaster as the rover failed to control its speed as it backed down a steep slope it could not climb, tumbling and wrecking itself. While a new rover body was constructed, engineers used the time to work out what went wrong in the code and corrected the problem. This drive would take the rover straight out to the mountains to make sure the new code behaves as expected.

gM8kRRi.png HV2caEq.png ZySklf6.png XDf8x1S.png oL1ZkDy.png gZwJtaX.png jDl4U1r.png Lupek sits patiently while the rover team works on some new code wZXiNLQ.png 35buFTY.png aXpdjR0.png dyyoe5n.png Az2NLAN.png sun begins to set as Lupek continues its drive, now 28.4km from W3 (halfway up the peak under the sun) OtmB3O8.png 3CC7dyg.png dq6FCQ1.png foot of the mountains are near, team expects to hit the abort slope in about 20 mins or less (Minmus at top center!) mkSUgV3.png 3L0VUyU.png


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