Nov 03 2014

#040: Automated Rover Test Drive #4

Previous drives of the rover focused on testing and refining the code the would allow the rover to navigate itself over difficult and unknown terrain. The team is now at the point where they feel confident enough in the rover’s abilities to not only go out and drive itself around without a pace vehicle for backup, but also while carrying the full suite of instruments and equipment that will be loaded on it for its actual mission to Mun. Accidents now will not only endanger the rover, but the operability of several delicate science instruments.

meEldZX.png good morning from the KSC runway. Second sunrise is here and Lupek is almost all set for departure on its 142Km trip TQh79xR.png Lupek is off and running. Entirely remote-operated this time, no support team along. Here's the route for today PQqGOvA.png V6pm2G5.png mast cam was raised for this photo 4km west of KSC as Lupek awaits some code patch uploads before resuming drive 1xgjL5a.png XEZaVKR.png etdxKtk.png nOB7LZB.png iP36jnb.png 9MeUlHm.png slVRG49.png LngIY0h.png W2Gr0od.png CtY7QNF.png bG2jtui.png lsNesmj.png Lupek is about ready to set off on its own again, here's the terrain it needs to conquer, looking towards W4 Apo5OEN.png sppaHkS.png lYpR14a.png Zjdo3Tl.png congrats to the rover team & Lupek! W4 achieved! A recovery vehicle is already on the way to get Lupek home quickly xtcDbHA.png

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