Nov 04 2014

#041: Automated Rover Test Drive #5

Although the previous drive was ultimately successful, engineers on the rover team were still not satisfied with the damage done to the rover and the inability of the software to properly acquire the next waypoint. Further refinement to the driving parameters and some refactoring of the guidance code gives them high hopes of a clean run from start to finish on this next drive out to the west shore desert. Once again, the rover will be completely on its own and assisted only from mission control at KSC.

2OQgNPK.png getting ready, Lupek took its own photo this morning looking towards W1 (overlay added by our software here at MC) XG1VgpG.png no problems to W1, Lupek lifted the camera for another photo and is now heading 13.5Km to W2 55tE7mf.png dYiMKqx.png CPDrEHT.png 37Km to W3. Here's the live image we see at MC from Lupek's main cam, which is why we have a second hi-res still cam BXrYBp6.png W3 achieved, and Lupek is nearly halfway through the day's 163Km journey. A relatively short 28.3Km next to W4 Ft3NYDS.png z6XNXXQ.png ApXundb.png GHwP7Up.png MLqutgq.png 3tK4kVx.png Rg5Dmv4.png YzCfpg6.png while disappointing that Lupek was only 8.3Km from finishing its drive, we are satisfied overall of today's trip O1HUF8T.png qyr0HG3.png

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