Nov 08 2014

#043: Automated Rover Test Drive #6

After finishing up maintenance on the rover, which experienced some technical difficulties on the previous drive, the team once again unleashed Lupek out into the wilderness hoping for a clean drive from start to finish. They were also testing out a new feature of the driving software that would allow Lupek to retrace its route back to the start. As Lupek has already proven itself on long voyages, the team decided to only send it out as far as the grasslands and back.

Fa1QicA.png ajHYXiO.png jGlMHLB.png KWO-2 gives us this glittery night time photo over KSC. Rover team hitting the runway with Lupek next sunrise MUseKfC.png Lupek was just set loose towards W2. Team is hoping for a clean drive out to the grasslands and back today 4533t4v.png cZRD2Sa.png AVJI73q.png le7GlXy.png we'll be heading towards the mountains today but won't even make the highlands before turning around hB0LkZm.png PLWjYqC.png smnSCCc.png we're 5Km out from W4 and Lupek is doing well, speed within tolerance and terrain has been gentle as planned Py1WZKf.png bO9pI2D.png af1kZ0b.png ground level enough for mast cam to be raised shortly for a photo. VAB is sticking up just over the hill. 5.6Km to W2 W0O0pfW.png another manual redirect at W2 to get Lupek moving to W1 atop the runway. Homeward bound! Wcmumlp.png welcome back, Lupek! Targeting bug was the only major issue during today's drive, so team is pretty happy h7NPd8w.png

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