Nov 30 2014

#047: IP ComSat II Redeux

The Inter-Planetary Communication Satellite network has so far seen several setbacks, mainly the fact that both IP ComSats failed to achieve orbit on their first launches. In the case of the second launch failure, actual sabotage was alleged by some news agencies, although independent investigation by the KSA is underway and has so far turned up no conclusive evidence of tampering with the launch vehicle. The KSA only needs two satellites to complete this network, but the failure of this second attempt to put IP ComSat II into orbit could jeopardize the entire operation and place extra stress on the KSA to explain these issues to its investors. With all this in mind, Lead Engineer Simon and his team have worked diligently in the hopes of finally completing the IP ComSat network with this launch.

cV038OM.pngQudEix5.png AEVJ5Xa.png Vardc2k.png 8V51zhd.png 4pGOMjh.png PN19e5a.png up it goes! IP ComSat II, already in its fairing, is being winched up for mating with the lift rocket now in the VAB m4rbVbs.png Dvjsgvz.png eCh3U4P.png workers on the pad getting fuel umbilicals hooked up, starting preflight here in Mission Control. Great weather out! wxEI46w.png BUGdaKN.png QxUJlQF.png gkSUPOM.png MQqo54o.png cmdVJ2w.png 9BbgtXd.png we are go for launch! Countdown has restarted. Weather is definitely still green :) DYZC318.png cjAGFnY.png pixYnHf.png t03YOKC.png nXe6LS4.png 0bceQjO.png 5tntaBg.png TcgKIVQ.png QIWU97N.png we've moved the antenna out of the way for this craft, so enjoy an unobstructed view of night side Kerbin AhcdfwD.png GA2yRwB.png wR1j501.png 7BodM7u.png Y2GX8sB.png here's a photo from over the north pole, with some faint aurora - haven't had much sunspot activity on Kerbol lately q8usGYX.png here's how things are looking right now from the IP ComSat mission control room as they await maneuver in 2h 27m HLi8lzN.png 1ZF3eEU.png oc5qs54.png xEnRBc4.png IP ComSat II looking "up" from 6,817km as it travels towards Ap 7,483km "below" Kerbin. All dishes are now activated JKikN9M.png 23o9j3o.png WHpAfbj.png here's a look at the twin lobes of the IP ComSats across the orbital plane. Both are traveling clockwise Yo0MDTo.png NameJj1.png

RlaWFSl.png URbOTma.png Kn51jng.png dPMTOJ2.png

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