Dec 16 2014

#049: Automated RCS Maneuver Testing

The KSA has been aware for some time of a limitation with their remote operation system, which is capable of pointing the rocket and performing burns with an engine when not in contact with mission control (assuming these commands were programmed while contact was established). What it is *not* capable of is controlling the RCS system. Since most of our small probes rely solely on RCS to perform maneuvers, this has been a small problem for operations around Kerbin, and only becomes a larger one when conducting maneuvers on probes outside the system. The solution is finally at hand with some new software, but to test it the Agency needs to loft a probe up into LKO, after which it was planned to be de-orbited once the software is confirmed operational.

IKwMB1M.pngSwkfJVp.png o0eMFqT.png 1LXaVwL.png X4rB0v0.png sTi2WWv.png aLWe4ws.png o3aI6zq.png we're getting the RCS test rocket rolled out onto the pad. Here's the payload in the VAB earlier last week rmFRMvK.png we have the rocket on the pad but are still under a weather hold. Sky looks nice but you can't see the wind... CiOiOoT.png nk9jBqj.png aWZl8Hd.png Q859Ir1.png Q9gFIlN.png IqsX4PI.png KWO-1 gives us a look at the weather over KSC this morning. Wonderful! Launch prep is progressing well Q2gRFcH.png 7Jh6Fan.png 8KOr3Mx.png VqPd4ps.png orkUdLg.png 0SrN2Rn.png NBYpNsV.png 7AcKK5U.png launch from the water tower camera. Billowing smoke at launch is an SRB thing. Main engine exhaust velocity too high 9z3CsOj.png EZoCBzS.png g5Xfs7e.png FmunmIQ.png 1MlG01G.png using SAS to hold position rather than flight computer allowed us to complete a planned maneuver using RCS thrust vla28Bo.png xAcsVVY.png AIaRxXH.png 0cUrfts.png s8feoMr.png FMo3gxY.png render of craft in orbit 2L7hUCp.png

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